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What Happens To Our Recycling Once It’s Collected?

We’re passionate when it comes to the environment and have strong policies with regards to sustainable living and how our resources are attained. We’re advocates of recycling and the importance of it, and many of us often wonder what happens to our recyclables once we leave our bins out or drop something off at a local recycle centre.

So, we’re here to clear things up a little bit and explain exactly what happens to your recyclables and how it’s used after you’ve used it.

Currently, recyclables are collected in two different ways. One scheme works by collecting your kerbside boxes and placing each material into separate compartments into the lorry; another where your assorted recyclables are all placed into one section of a lorry which is then sorted at a later stage once delivered to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

Once your materials are received at the MRF, they separate them by machine or hand and send them off to manufacturers who then use these materials to create new products. These new recycled products go on to be sold throughout the worldwide market.

What is recycled?

Recycling plants are located throughout the country in various counties, sorting and recycling millions of waste materials every year.

1. All newsprint printed in the UK is currently made from recycled paper.
2. All food and garden waste is currently recycled in plants located near your town.
3. 80% of all glass products are currently recycled and reformed into new glass products to be used.

Is any recycling exported?

Some of our recyclables are exported to countries such as China, where they have an extensive manufacturing industry and have very little resources of their own to produce and manufacture their own products. China has little to no forests or oil supplies, and so they rely on imported materials to manufacture products.

Although shipping these materials creates a lengthy process for them to be recycled, it is generally considered better practice than extracting and using raw materials from our planet.

For more information on our recycling policies simply head to our dedicated recycling page for a closer look at where we source our materials. If you’d like to contact us for further details then head to our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.