An image showing cardboard boxes that can be recycled

Ways To Recycle and Re-Use Your Cardboard Boxes After Use

Throwing your cardboard boxes into recycling bins is a tempting solution to getting rid of your boxes once you’ve moved or had a large delivery (and we’re big advocates of recycling), however, there are loads of other really useful way to recycle and reuse them! They can be a real pain if they’re sitting around the house taking up room, which is why we have listed some alternative solutions to just throwing them away.

Sell Them Online

Many towns and cities will have established businesses that buy and sell cardboard boxes, so make sure you check Google to see if there’s one in your town. Alternatively, Gumtree and Craigslist are a quick way of recycling your cardboard boxes for a few pounds.

Facebook Community Pages

If you’re not looking to make any money, then a great way to recycle cardboard boxes is on your local communities’ Facebook page, and you can pass them on without leaving them on the curb. Plus, it means somebody else is getting some great use out of them, saving recycling companies using energy trying to recycle them.


Freecycle is a great website that allows members to list things they want to get rid of for free. It’s free to sign-up too, so you won’t have to pay anything and you can get rid of those pesky cardboard boxes!

Ask Your Neighbours

Check with your neighbours and people living in your area to see if anyone may want to take them off you. You might even find that one of your neighbours is moving and might be looking for some!


Nextdoor is a really handy website and social media app that is designed to bring all your neighbours into one online community. It’s a great way of keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in your neighbourhood and listing things you’re looking to sell.

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