A supermarket shelf with a number of cardboard boxes showing the many packaging design features used by advertisers

The Three Most Important Packaging Design Features To Consumers

Often, it is the little things which make the biggest difference. On the average shopping trip, customers will browse and purchase a variety of all shapes and sizes, yet the ins and outs of each product go completely unnoticed. However, the individual packaging design features are specifically tailored to make the trip down the high street as painless as possible.


One of the most important packaging design features for any product is its practicality. The ergonomics behind each and every item are essential for making the object easy to carry and comfortable for anyone hauling it down a street. It is also important to make the packaging as efficient as possible. The common gripe of excessive packaging is not only damaging for the environment, but it also provides consumers with an unnecessarily bulky object. To construct the most user-friendly packaging, ensure that it is easy to carry and that all the materials were used sparingly.


For fresh products like cereal, the ability to reseal the product is almost a necessity for the health of the product. As displayed in the latest Shreddies packaging, the ability to lock or reseal the item is a simple step in guaranteeing that your goods last longer than a few days. Even with products with tear notches, any packaging design companies should be incorporating a way to reseal the product. The last thing any customer wants is to be making the trip down to the shops only a few days later.


Carrying the products as part of your shopping trip is only one part of the item’s journey. Every aspect of the consumer’s experience with the item needs to be considered, and this stretches to storing the products in cupboards. This reason alone is why the shape of products is an essential packaging design feature. Quirky and unconventional shapes will prove difficult to store in cupboards and will occupy an unnecessary amount of space. There is a reason that the majority of products are either square or rectangular in shape, as this allows consumers to maximise the space in their cupboards and easily add or subtract items.

The main point of focus for packaging companies is to prioritise the consumer and account for all of their needs. It is important to make any product easily manoeuvrable and lightweight, while also observing a sense of simplicity when it comes to the design. Let us refer to our very first point where we explained that the smallest things make the biggest difference.

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