An image of children doing arts and crafts, highlighting the many uses for cardboard for your home

The Most Practical Uses for Cardboard for Your Home

Cardboard isn’t just used for packing up and moving out. Strong yet manoeuvrable, the uses for cardboard stretch far and wide, making it one of the most practical materials for your home. Before you go packing your boxes down and throwing them away, take a look through this list of the most practical uses for cardboard which you can introduce into your home.


When it comes to storage, cardboard is one of the best materials for tucking items of all shapes and sizes away. Due to the nature of the product, it is easy to design anything from filing systems to laundry bins. Because of the way cardboard is formed, the structure of your creations will be firm, allowing you to stack copious amounts of objects into your latest invention.

If you are looking for more intricate designs, desk tidies and keepsake boxes are quick and easy to knock up and are fun to decorate. When it comes to uses for cardboard, storing things is top of the list.


When the summer months show their face, the rush to the garden shed is almost instantaneous. As the shears and shovels come out, you may need to call on the trusted cardboard boxes to store and transport any waste product. With boxes available in all shapes and sizes, you can accommodate for those big garden overhauls or the little summer spruce ups.

For the more hardcore gardeners, you can fashion simple guards for your plants to protect them from the elements and maximise their growth, and for those summer nights round the fire, you can recycle the used cardboard for a late night bonfire and relax after all your hard work.


Besides from the two-week vacation and getting round to all those odd jobs around the house, the summer holidays are usually resigned to keeping the kids entertained. However, don’t go splashing out hundreds of pounds on fancy days out to here, there and everywhere; a simple arts and crafts session will have your kids beaming with joy. Cut, shape and paint cardboard to create swords and shields, forts, masks and everything in between.


Although the children will have their own uses for cardboard, as a parent, you can use the material to protect your floors and surfaces. When the painting and drawing gets into full swing, place unfolded cardboard boxes down and protect the table tops and the floors from paint and glitter.

Cardboard is great for keeping out the elements, too. Stuff any leaks full of cardboard to stem the flow until you can get someone out to find out what the problem is, and if the weather outside is frightful, place some cardboard in your doorways so people have space to take their wet and muddy shoes off without marking your floors or carpets.

If this list of uses for cardboard has inspired you to create some extra space in the house, entertain the kids or channel your inner Alan Titchmarsh, contact Fast Pak Packaging today on 0161 339 0697 and find out more about all of our products and services.