An image showing the red coca cola can

The Importance of Bespoke Packaging

If you’re based in Leeds and creating bespoke packaging for a new product or redesigning your current packaging to reinvent the image of a product, it’s important you know how much the this can affect a buyer’s purchasing decision.

Many product designers and businesses believe the product will sell itself, as a customer often knows what they’re already looking for when they enter a shop. However, that’s not always the case – many shoppers simply browse and therefore the packaging needs to sell the item, as customers instinctively choose and analyse packaging subconsciously.

Up to 95% of new products fail and are subsequently pulled from the shelf. Customers are instinctive and impulsive, immediately judging a product’s packaging before they decide to look at it closer. Bespoke packaging can be an iconic part of a product and can often be recognised for itself alone, such as Apple’s minimalistic packaging and Mcdonald’s fun and creative Happy Meals. Packaging can make or break a product’s success. We’ve detailed all the factors you need to consider if you’re creating bespoke packaging for a product at your Leeds-based business.


If you want to get noticed, you need to stand out. The shelves are overcrowded with products shouting for your attention, so what will make your product stand out? That doesn’t necessarily mean something garish and in your face, sometimes simplicity and minimalism are a breath of fresh air on a shelf full of power logos and bright colours. You need to consider what your product is and how the packaging will represent the product.

An image showing the red coca cola can
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Colour is possibly the most important element when it comes to bespoke packaging. Colour hugely affects a consumer’s purchasing behaviour as customer’s associate colours with certain ideas. It can also help consumers to recognise a brand, for example, red is immediately linked to Coca-Cola and purple for Cadbury. Green and blue packaging is now often associated with health whilst white represents cleanliness and simplicity. Bright colours are great for children’s products as it will entice them to look. If you’re hoping to launch your business in Leeds, you need to compete with an array of bold brands.

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User Experience

How the consumer uses the packaging and interacts with it can create excitement and curiosity. Interactive bespoke packaging is the latest trend and is swiftly becoming popular as it turns the product into an experience. It’s a fun addition to any packaging; the reason why Apple’s packaging is so satisfying is because of how smoothly the box lid lifts off and how each compartment is cleverly hidden and designed. It also doubles as intelligent marketing as many users share the creative design on social media channels.

Renewable Materials

When creating bespoke packaging, eco-friendly materials should be a consideration, as consumers will incorporate recycling properties into their purchase decision. It’s been discovered that 52 percent of the world will choose a product based on the brand’s social and environmental impact and if they’re making a positive impact. Creating packaging that is recycling or biodegradable is always a huge selling point as it helps the save the environment, reduces pollution and reduces landfill. The carbon conscious residents of Leeds are making renewability and sustainability a more important concept to businesses than ever before.


Who is your demographic? If your product is for children then it’s great to create a fun and exciting design such as an animal as the box and use bright colours. If it’s a middle aged man, it might be worth considering using darker shades and using and traditional and classic font. Who the product is for will depend on how you want your product to look.

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