An image showing one of the widely recognised packaging symbols

Packaging Symbols and What They Mean

Recycling and knowing what all the symbols mean can be tough, but at Fast Pak Packaging, we are passionate about recycling and ensuring customers are made aware of how to recycle their packaging with the appropriate packaging symbols. We strive to ensure we source our packaging materials from companies with strong sustainable programs, providing us with materials that have already been recycled.

With any new packaging, there are certain packaging symbols we must display in order to inform customers of their recycling responsibilities and how the packaging should be dealt with once used. There are a number of other symbols that must be displayed which relate to accreditations with sustainable programs. Get in touch with Fast Pak Packaging for more information on our environmental and recycling policies! Simply fill out our contact form.

Each item of packaging will have a number of different packaging symbols relating to how that material has been sourced, made, and how it can be recycled after. Not all packaging material will feature recycling symbols, however, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be recycled. We’ve listed the different packaging symbols that are used most, so you can understand how to recycle our materials after use.

An image showing the widely recycled symbol for recycling purposes
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Widely Recycled

This is one of the more widely recognised packaging symbols. Packaging featuring this symbol means 75% or more councils will recycle this from your household recycling boxes.

An image showing the check local recycling symbol for recycling purposes
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Check Local Recycling

This symbol indicates that between 20-75% of local councils will recycle this material, but check to see if your council has the facilities.

An image showing the not currently recycled symbol for recycling purposes
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Not Currently Recycled

If this symbol is featured on packaging, this can only be recycled by less than 20% of councils and is generally considered not recyclable.

An image showing the mobius loop symbol for recycling purposes
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Mobius Loop

This indicates the packaging can be recycled but does not mean this material is recycled or will be accepted by your local council’s recycling facilities. It’s a reminder to the consumer that there are recyclable options for this product and to encourage them to think of recycling it, rather than placing in a general rubbish bin.

An image showing the tidyman symbol, encouraging to consumer to keep britain tidy for recycling purposes
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Keep Britain Tidy

This packaging symbol is widely recognised in the UK and is used on many product packages. It’s a reminder to use a bin or recycle this item and is used to encourage people to keep the UK streets clean and litter-free.

An image showing the green dot recycling symbol for recycling purposes
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Green Dot

This symbol does not denote that the packaging has been recycled or can be recycled. It means the producer of the material has made an investment or contribution towards helping recycling and the recovery of the recycling industry.

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Paper and Card

To use the National Association of Paper Merchants’ trademark, the producer must use at least 50%, 75% or 100% recycled material in the paper or card and it should not contain any waste fibre.

An image showing the Forest Stewardship Council recycling symbol for recycling purposes
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In order to use the Forest Stewardship Council trademark logo, the packaging must use sustainable wood from efficiently managed forests that adhere to the rules of the FSC.

An image showing the safety standards symbol for recycling purposes
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Safety Standards

These symbols generally apply to the product inside the packaging and are used to inform the consumer that the product inside has been tested and is safe to use. Occasionally, these can apply to the packaging to explain the packaging is safe and has been tested.

There is a wide range of packaging symbols we use to inform our consumers of the properties of the package and how to recycle it after. If you’d like more information regarding our environmental and recycling policies then please feel free to contact us on 0161 339 0697 or fill out ourcontact form and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.