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An image of children doing arts and crafts, highlighting the many uses for cardboard for your home

The Most Practical Uses for Cardboard for Your Home

Cardboard isn’t just used for packing up and moving out. Strong yet manoeuvrable, the uses for cardboard stretch far and wide, making it one of the most practical materials for your home. Before you go packing your boxes down and throwing them away, take a look through this list of the most practical uses for cardboard which you can introduce into your home.

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A supermarket shelf with a number of cardboard boxes showing the many packaging design features used by advertisers

The Three Most Important Packaging Design Features To Consumers

Often, it is the little things which make the biggest difference. On the average shopping trip, customers will browse and purchase a variety of all shapes and sizes, yet the ins and outs of each product go completely unnoticed. However, the individual packaging design features are specifically tailored to make the trip down the high street as painless as possible.

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a picture of a site used for forest management

Why is sustainable forest management important in cardboard production?

Thousands of trees are lumbered every single day to meet the demands of businesses and corporations, and as a result, the role of sustainable forest management has never been more important. It could be argued that people are becoming increasingly more aware of the effect we are having on our environment (highlighted by the 1.6 million votes the Green Party received over the last two elections), so what can we do to ease the strain on our forests?

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A picture of a shopping basket full of cardboard packaging

The Process of Product Packaging

The process of tossing our favourite snacks and treats into our trolley is one of the most menial, but the process of creating product packaging is a much more arduous task. Every object on our shelves has been dragged through an extensive production cycle and then dumped into the hands of advertisers and marketers, all with the purpose of encouraging us to spend.

With thousands of items on offer at every supermarket, it is no surprise that product packaging is one of the biggest industries in the world. So where does the story of a cardboard box begin?

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An image of a laptop atop a desk alongside a plant to symbolise a green, environmentally friendly office

How To Make Your Office Green

Recycling and doing your bit at home is one thing, but with the environment fighting a continuous battle, it is time to start adding some green into the 9 to 5 routine.

You may not realise it, but there are opportunities to help make your office green all around you. From lightbulbs to cardboard to leaving your computer on standby, these simple solutions will help brush your carbon footprint from off the office carpet.

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An image showing one of the widely recognised packaging symbols

Packaging Symbols and What They Mean

Recycling and knowing what all the symbols mean can be tough, but at Fast Pak Packaging, we are passionate about recycling and ensuring customers are made aware of how to recycle their packaging with the appropriate packaging symbols. We strive to ensure we source our packaging materials from companies with strong sustainable programs, providing us with materials that have already been recycled.
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