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An image showing cardboard boxes that can be recycled

Ways To Recycle and Re-Use Your Cardboard Boxes After Use

Throwing your cardboard boxes into recycling bins is a tempting solution to getting rid of your boxes once you’ve moved or had a large delivery (and we’re big advocates of recycling), however, there are loads of other really useful way to recycle and reuse them! They can be a real pain if they’re sitting around the house taking up room, which is why we have listed some alternative solutions to just throwing them away.

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An image showing plastic bags and rubbish which is one of the main environmental issues caused by non recyclables

Throw Away Culture: The Environmental Issues

Here at Fast Pak packaging, we are passionate when it comes to helping the environment and doing our bit to ensure we encourage recycling. It’s no secret that our planet is experiencing a number of environmental issues including pollution, reduced natural resources, deforestation, increased carbon emissions and habitat loss – to name a few. Our Earth is experiencing a crisis, and it’s our job to help it as much as we can in order to continue to survive here. Recycling is the easiest way to stop our waste ending up in landfill, on our beaches and in our oceans, resulting in the destruction of natural habitats.

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An image showing one of the widely recognised packaging symbols

Packaging Symbols and What They Mean

Recycling and knowing what all the symbols mean can be tough, but at Fast Pak Packaging, we are passionate about recycling and ensuring customers are made aware of how to recycle their packaging with the appropriate packaging symbols. We strive to ensure we source our packaging materials from companies with strong sustainable programs, providing us with materials that have already been recycled.
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